Getting Rid of Love Handles

Love Handles, as cute as they are called, it is a very serious matter. Having fatty deposits all over your waist is not just unattractive, but they are unhealthy too. The good thing to know is that you can ultimately get rid of love handles by just changing your lifestyle, starting now.

Lose Fat All Over the Body

Having love handles are signs of excessive fat in the abdominal area. This type of fat can lead to critical heart diseases and can affect your metabolism as well. Cutting down these stubborn and dangerous fats on your waist can lessen the chance of having a heart ailment or diabetes.

Do not bother losing the fat if you are only considering your stomach area and nothing else. This will not work, as “spot reduction” is a myth. If this spot reduction is real, everyone should already have a toned body with no problem areas. Because the truth is, to lose love handles, you have to lose fat all over your body too.

The best method to lose love handles is to do Cardio exercise, strength training and eating better foods. Cardio workouts will help you burn fat faster – mostly during and right after the exercise. There are many there benefits with cardio workouts

Working out with weights will burn a little fat while working out but will allow you to continue burning fat long after you completed your workout. Increase your lean muscles by doing strength training, which effectively burns fat.

Lastly, eat less fattening foods to avoid gaining extra calories as fat. These foods include lean meats (Turkey, tuna, fish, lean cut steaks like a filet, chicken) green vegetables, green leafy vegetable. Avoid fruits until you area at your ideal weight, and then use your fruits as a dessert.

Build Stronger Obliques

The muscles on the left and right sides of your abdominal area are known as the obliques. The obliques, supports the 6-pack and helps us turn and twist. Sadly, having love handles hinders the use of these muscles.

You can burn more calories by making your obliques stronger. This in turn will make your abdomen tighter and your love handles less prominent.

The American Council on Exercise identified that the best oblique exercises are the same ones that can burn your love handles a lot faster. These are the vertical leg crunch, bicycle crunch and captain’s chair leg raise.

The vertical leg crunch is the same as normal crunches, but with the legs raised perpendicular to the ground. With bicycle crunches, you need to lie down on your back and do crunches or twists while pedaling your legs as if you are riding a bike. You need to use a captain’s chair for captain’s chair leg raises, which can be commonly found in most gyms.

You can search systematic guides with photos on the Internet for these exercises.
Eat Healthier Food

Certain foods that are full of sugar and sodium can add more inches to the waist. You need to eat more food that will add less fat on your belly to eliminate unwanted love handles. As recommended by doctors and nutritionists, you need to eat more heart-friendly foods like nuts, salmon and olive oil. You need to eat at least three servings of calcium – found in dairy products and green leafy vegetables as well. Include a lot of fiber from whole grains, fruits (limits fruit in the initial stage of any fat burning diet) and vegetables in your diet too.

These groups of food will help you feel a lot fuller as they are digested slowly. You can also drink green tea as they add extra fat-burning boost on your diet. Drink at least 3 times a day and it will make your metabolism go faster and you can avoid diseases too.

Check Your Clothes

More importantly, clothes can also help get rid of love handles. What is great is that this trick works on thin people too. Just make sure your clothes fit you properly as the illusion helps to lessen the bulge of love handles. Do not wear jeans that will make you look overflowing especially if you work hard to get rid of these stubborn love handles.

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